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Empowering Kids Through Surfing

Empowering kids through surfing – I Have a Passion for Writing and touching Kids’ Lives

Empowering Kids Through Surfing


Empowering Kids Through Surfing

As a mum, I want to have happy, healthy kids around me, so I instil in them good practices and a healthy lifestyle. I encourage them to take part in sports, to follow their dreams, to be positive, happy, to appreciate family, culture, have good values, take care of the environment, and much more!
I pass my knowledge and experiences through my family surf adventures. Its a unique collection about this marvelous sport, based on real facts, lives, real characters… Through fun surf stories, based on real life, I EMPOWER kids, giving them the tools for a happy, positive, healthy lifestyle, wile I also teach them about cultures and traditions. And because I have a big passion for Portugal, my country, I love to present it to the world!


I’m a mum of three, an author, and I’m working on a kids books collection “Come Surf with Pipa, Jaime and Kika”.
“I’m Filipa Leandro, a Portuguese MOTHER and SURFER, in LOVE with LIFE, finding BEAUTY everyday!”

Filipa Leandro was born in Portugal and discovered her passion for surfing at a young age, becoming one of Portugal’s first female surfers. After competing in surf contests for 10 years and getting a degree in Diplomacy, Filipa travelled to Hawaii where she worked on her thesis for a Masters in Human Ecology.

Upon returning to Portugal, Filipa got married and welcomed her first son. Over the next several years Filipa lived between Portugal and California, and brought two more beautiful children to the world. All three grew to share her passion for surfing. Filipa became a surf teacher, and soon realized that surfing could help children gain confidence and self-esteem, help them to build trust, to be more positive, and so on.

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Empowering Kids Through Surfing